Boston, MA Fire Apparatus - northshorefirephotos

Boston is a city of approximately 590,000 people, the state capital of Massachusetts and the largest city in New England. The Boston Fire Department operates 34 engines, 20 Ladders, 3 Tower Ladders, 2 Heavy Rescues, a Hazmat Unit, Collpase Rescue Unit, Special Unit/Lighting Plant, Decon Unit, Air Supply Unit, 2 Brush Units, Dive Rescue Team, 3 Marine Units, 2 Field Command/Communication Units, 11 District Chiefs, 2 Division Chiefs and a Safety Chief. Boston also has a myriad of other special units, administrative, fire alarm maintenance, motor squad along with spare engines, ladders and a spare rescue. Both ALS and BLS are provided by Boston EMS.

For more information check out the department's official website: Boston Fire Department Website and Boston Firefighter's Local 718