Lynn, MA Fire Apparatus - northshorefirephotos

Lynn Fire Department Apparatus Lynn is a city of approximately 89,000 people, located 10 miles northeast of Boston and is bordered by Salem, Swampscott, Nahant, Peabody, Lynnfield, Saugus and Revere. The Lynn Fire Department operates 6 engines, 2 ladders, a district chief, and a ALS ambulance, 2 spare engines and 1 spare ladder along with several fire prevention and support vehicles out of 8 stations. The former quarters of Engine 8 is also used for storage and the former quarters of Engine 11 is used for the EMS division...both engines 8 and 11 were disbanded in 2003 along with Rescue 1. Atlantic Ambulance provides transport service to the city. E-1 and Medic 1 run out of Station 1 at 73 Hollingsworth st. Station 3 at 752 Western ave. which is headquarters houses E-3, L-2 and the spare ladder. Station 5 at 101 Fayette st. is home to E-5 and L-1. Station 7 at 109 Woodlawn st. houses E-7 and C-4 (District Chief). Station 8 at 450 Eastern ave. housed Engine 8 which has been disbanded, and is now used for storage only. Station 9 at 659 Boston st. is home to E-9. Station 10 at 412 Broadway houses E-10, and both spare engines. Finally Station 11 at 625 Lynnfield is the former home to Engine 11 which has been disbanded. It now houses a spare ambulance and EMS division.

For more information check out the department's official website: Lynn Fire Department Website and Lynn Firefighter's Local 739