Rockport, MA Fire Apparatus - northshorefirephotos

Rockport is a Town of approximately 7,800 people, located 30 miles north of Boston and is bordered only by Gloucester. The Rockport Fire Department operates 3 engines, 1 ladder, 1 rescue pumper, and a light rescue truck out of 2 stations. 2 engines, the rescue pumper and ladder operate out of headquarters at 37 Broadway. 1 engine and the light rescue operate out of station 2 in Pigeon Cove on Granite Street. The town of Rockport also has a seperate forest fire department that operates out of it's own station at 5 DPW Way. The Rockport Forest Fire Department operates 4 brush trucks. The town of Rockport has it's own separate ambulance service which serves the town.

For more information check out the department's official website: Rockport Fire Department Website