Beverly - 2nd Alarm+, May 2016 - northshorefirephotos

On the morning of May 19th the Beverly fire Department began receiving calls reporting a building fire on highland Terrace, a small dead end street in Downtown, E4, E5, T1 and C2 responded. Firefighters arrived to find residents being evacuated by Police and other neighbors, as well as a resident removing his elderly grandmother from the building. Engine 4 and Truck 1 were confronted with very heavy fire conditions and reports of a resident trapped on floor 1. Despite a valiant attempt, firefighters were unable to make entry and rescue the occupant, a retired Beverly parking enforcement officer who was very well liked and everyone in the neighborhood knew. A 2nd alarm was quickly struck bringing Engine 3 along with Salem Engine 1, Danvers Engine 3 and Hamilton Ladder 4 to the fire, along with station coverage that consisted of Wenham Engine 404, Topsfield Engine 3, Manchester-by-the-sea Engine 1 and Middleton Ladder 1, covering companies handled a number alarm activations and medical calls during their cover assignment. Firefighters worked the better part of the morning fighting heavy fire conditions on all 3 floors, E4 and T1 took some radiant heat damage, as well as the exposure on the bravo side. Eventually Engine 6 staffed with callbacks was dispatched to the scene to grab a hydrant and lay in from Railroad Ave. to help remedy water supply issues. Dive Rescue 1 was also dispatched to the scene to fill air bottles. the State Fire Marshal's Office is investigating the cause of the incident.


Beverly Apparatus: Engines 3,4,5,6, Truck 1, Car 2, C1 (Chief), Dive Rescue 1 (To fill air bottles)

Mutual Aid: Salem Engine 1, Danvers Engine 3, Hamilton Ladder 4

Station Coverage: Wenham Engine 404, Topsfield Engine 3, Manchester-by-the-sea Engine 1, Middleton Ladder 1